Lizzie Borden

Trial of the Century

"I did not see his face, it has so much blood on it."

-Lizzie Andrew Borden,

Fall River, Mass - 1892

Accused Ax Murderess, Lizzie Borden, sets off a firestorm of fear and mayhem when she is named primed suspect in the gruesome slayings of her prominent town founder father, Andrew Borden, and hapless step-mother, Abilgal Durfy Borden. 

Ultimately acquitted by a jury of her peers, many believe the ill-tempered, manipulative Lizzie got away with murder. But what of the cast of characters living within the murder house at 92 Second Street?  A shrewd businessman whose miserly ways paved a road of ner'do wells to Andrew Borden's door, there was no lack of motives for the crime. 

Did she?  or didn't she weild the ax that killed her father and step-mother.  Listen to the astounding evidence and weigh the facts for yourself. 

The Bizarre Case of 

Long considered to be the Trial of the 19th Century, Lizzie's odd family life, personal relationships and strange events events leading up to the murders leave behind more questions than answers.